About Us

February of 2016, Dorset based tailor, Jeremy Gower, was given the horrible news that everyone dreads; he had cancer. Regardless of what type of cancer he had, the following eight months were miserable for him as he was treated with chemotherapy reducing his weight significantly, losing his ability to remember events, losing his hair, continuously threatened with losing his life and distinguishing those of his friends who would look after him and those who wouldn’t…

…a year on, he has all but recovered.

To mark the anniversary of being given his grim news, he decided to offer a few tweed flat caps for sale via his Facebook pages. Hoping to raise a few hundred pounds for Cancer Research UK, his expectations were surprisingly surpassed.

Within sixty hours, Thomas Crown, Jeremy’s tailoring label, was taking orders from discerning customers from over twenty–two countries around the world.

Today, with a growing amount of supporters, the offer of putting Caps on Cancer still stands. For every one of the distinctive tweed flat caps that is sold, a donation of £10 is made to Cancer Research UK.

As Jeremy says, “We might not be able to cure this horrible disease but with your help, we can help someone, somewhere.