How is your cap made ?

At Thomas Crown Tailoring, we have been cutting and stitching a large variety of cloth caps and hats for nearly thirty years more-often-than-not, using the same pair of cutting shears that Jeremy was given when he was just sixteen years old.

Every individual part of every cap is individually cut by hand. The ‘crown’ of the cap is then pinned and stitched. Next, two pieces of matching cloth are pinned and stitched, turned inside out so that a peak stiffener can be inserted and balanced between the cloth pattern. Throughout the whole process, careful attention is made to match the pattern of the cloth so that the eye is not distracted by mismatched lines, this is the mark of a hand-made cap. Of course, a sized lining is then stitched into the crown of the cap, to give it its correct size for you, and a hard press is given to the peak to curve it into a ‘much worn’ look. Finally, the crown is brought forward onto the peak, a fingers width from the edge, and then hand stitched with a doubled thread for extra strength. Of course, there are one or two other processes, but if you are interested in how we do what we do, then you now begin to understand about what we do to make you a befitting cap!

For years, Thomas Crown has been creating cloth caps for a large and distinguished client list and fashion houses as well as fulfilling requests and replicating cloth caps for film and television depicting all periods of history. However, the challenge of copying an ‘old favourite’ cap or rescuing the remnants of a very attached piece of cloth with a story behind it, is a great reward for the workshop; there have been some wonderful stories over the years. Please feel free to ask about what we might be able to do for the longevity of your old cloth cap.